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About me

I am a photonics quantum computing researcher at the University of Ulm.

Earlier, I headed Xanadu’s Architecture team, where I led the theoretical effort to design Xanadu’s quantum computer and to chart the path to quantum advantage with photonics.

During my postdoctoral research, my colleagues and I performed the world-record tomography of a 14-qubit computer, and we devised novel optical quantum simulators.

My PhD focussed on powerful new methods for the design, characterization and simulation of photonic quantum computers.

Happy to chat about quantum computing! Get in touch with me over ishdhand (at)

Research and book

Follow these links to view my publications on quantum computing and quantum optics:

Ish Dhand at arXiv arXiv
Ish Dhand at Google Scholar Google Scholar

A list of patents is available on request.

I am an author of a book under contract with Cambridge University Press. This book explains the counter-intuitive properties of quantum physics requiring minimal mathematics background. An open-access outline is available on arXiv:1806.09958.